‘Lisa’s class is a high point of my week. Her calm, focused attention and the flickering candles make for a wonderful hour and a half of joyful yoga.’ Briony, Brancaster Staithe

‘Lisa is my “go to” yoga teacher.  I started practising with Lisa 4 years ago following an introduction by a friend.  She instantly put me at ease and I understood her instructions and cues instantly.  I was fascinated by her teaching style and advice on anatomy and the emotions.  Lisa’s class is like a story unfolding; it has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Her voice is calming and caring whilst her energy is warm, uplifting and nurturing.  I feel safe practising yoga with Lisa. She inspired me so much that I recently trained to become a yoga teacher.  Her honesty and love for the practice is profound and she has helped me to overcome so much; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would recommend Lisa’s classes to anybody considering yoga.  Whether you are a beginner or have a lot of experience and knowledge of the practice; you will walk away from her class feeling calm, more balanced, stretched and energised.’ Juliet, Swanton Morley

‘Now in my mid-sixties, I’d taken yoga classes on & off with various teachers for about 15 years before I joined Lisa’s class about 5 years ago. The difference in the experience & its effect on me wasn’t immediately startling, although I did notice right away her focus on individuals’ different needs & challenges. However, within a few months it was clear to me that there was something special going on here. My ability in class improved beyond anything I’d previously experienced – despite being over 60! More importantly to me are the differences it makes to me physically, &, I think, emotionally. The physical difference is even measurable – according to my GP I’m now slightly taller (ok – only 1cm, but that’s a lot when you’re only 159cm!). I’m certainly stronger, much more flexible & I think my physique’s more balanced. Apparently my posture’s improved! I think it’s also helped my breathing function (I’m marginally asthmatic) & I seem less prone to chest infections. Above all though, I just feel great when I do it – really “open”. Try it – it could make quite a difference to your life.’ Mima, Burnham Thorpe

‘I had read about the benefits of yoga so thought it would be good to try.  With Lisa’s gentle encouragement at her classes I found an exercise I can do at my own pace.  I regularly attend classes and thoroughly enjoy time with Lisa stretching and understanding the positions. This has made me stronger both physically and mentally. As Mummy of three, I thank you Lisa for my little bit of calm in an otherwise busy life!’ Hannah, Brancaster Staithe

‘I joined Lisa’s yoga classes after moving to Docking a year ago. Lisa is very welcoming for new starters of all ages and abilities, whether you’re new to yoga or not. For me, this was part of my rehabilitation following a hard landing after being knocked off my bicycle and to help clear my mind of life’s stresses. Lisa takes care to fit her yoga teaching to each person’s needs and tailors her classes so that they become more stretching – literally! – as she gets to know us better. I particularly like Lisa’s gentle way of talking us through each yoga practice and taking time sometimes to explain how and why these are good for our bodies – even if mine isn’t always convinced at the time!’ Andrew, Docking

‘I have been practising yoga for nearly 40 years once a week at different types of yoga classes. I am now 72 years old, a bit deaf with poor balance, but this is by far the best class I have been to. Lisa is very caring and helpful. You have a great deal of attention and never pushed beyond your ability…. at the end you feel completely relaxed and peaceful. I can’t recommend Lisa more highly and I have been attending her classes for 5 years.’ Sally, Burnham Overy

‘Lisa takes us through a “master class” of breathing, movement and relaxation. There are no concessions for age, gender or degree of experience, however, with Lisa’s quiet encouragement we become absorbed in our own sphere to get the best from each task. This builds confidence and a calmness that I certainly had never before experienced together with a definite benefit to both mobility and general well being.’ Ros, Brancaster Staithe

‘Taking part in Lisa’s yoga classes have been so beneficial to me. I try to get to as many as possible as I feel it makes a real difference especially when I can attend regularly. I have had a few problems with my back over the last year and yoga has helped me regain and build strength while also stretching tight muscles to help avoid further injury. As well as the physical benefits it always helps me to feel emotionally calm and relaxed after this class. With lots of traveling for work I find it so important to make this time for myself when possible as it gives me some quiet time just to breathe, relax and to concentrate on myself as well as being a physically challenging class. What’s nice about Lisa’s yoga is that she really encourages each person to go at their own pace and tune into how you are feeling on that particular day to get the most out of the class….wish I had time to do more!’ Xenoula, Brancaster