I am a motivated, fully trained and experienced teacher, with an intuitive understanding of alignment, technique and deep relaxation. I work with a wide range of people to help them to heal, nourish and transform themselves. I am constantly inspired by their commitment to and enjoyment of their yoga practice. 

When I was young I had always been active, enjoying gymnastics, ballet, football and more. However in my teens I was struck down by a debilitating illness and only eventually regained my strength through regular practice of yoga. I immediately felt the incredible benefits of working everything, the mind and the body, from bones to skin. Yoga changed my life! 

After several years of practice, I began my yoga teaching journey in 1996 while I was at University. Throughout our final year I offered yoga to friends to help relieve our stresses. Having really enjoyed the experience and received positive feedback, I decided to train. At that time, in London there were very few centres dedicated to yoga, so I taught in health and fitness centres, trained with Bikram Choudhury in ‘hot yoga’ in USA, and helped to open the first hot yoga centre in the UK.

In 2001, I successfully created my own yoga school in Notting Hill, London. I enjoyed many years there teaching individuals and groups. I have held retreats in Greece and Italy, and have been featured in Yoga & Health (1998 & 2001), Tatler (2002) and Vogue (2004, 2007 & 2008). 

In 2011 I moved to North Norfolk, where I have continued to share my love of yoga, and where the beautiful landscape and the sea contribute to the wellbeing that yoga brings to body, mind and spirit.

Whilst I have worked with many inspiring teachers, including Bikram and Ana Forrest, and enjoy many styles of yoga, my greatest teachers are the very people whom I have been fortunate enough to teach.

‘In theory, yoga is a practice for the body and the mind however very few teachers possess the talent to challenge you both physically, mentally and even spiritually in the course of a single session. Lisa’s instruction transports you away from the noise and stress we all carry with us and teaches you to use yoga’s powerful poses to release negativity and find a more peaceful balance inside yourself. Lisa’s sessions are intense in the best sense of the word but her serene voice, which truly should define tranquility, makes you forget to ever struggle.’ Clagary Avansino – Executive Fashion Editor, VOGUE